Marc Faber Net Worth

Update October 2017- Marc Faber has resigned from his board positions in Ivanhoe Mines, Sprott Inc and Nova Gold. 

Personal Net Worth
Marc Faber's net worth is estimated to be in the millions of dollars (in US Dollar terms). However the exact amount is not known publicly at the moment and Dr Faber has shied from media reporters when asked about how much he is worth, how much he earns or pays in taxes.

Board Memberships
A public filing on Forbes shows Dr Faber made around $324,000 in year 2011 from his role in Nova Gold, where he was an Independent Director and shareholder. He is also on the board of the India Capital fund which is the oldest Indian fund.

Marc Faber also publishes Two well read newsletters - The Gloom Boom and Doom report, and The Monthly Market Commentary. You can subscribe to the Monthly Market Commentary for $300 annually which is basically a summary of the Gloom Boom and Doom report.