Tuesday, June 21, 2016

I own a mix of cash, real estate, precious metals and stocks

I have quite a lot of exposure to U.S. dollars, but I also have exposure, maybe 30% of the cash, in Euros, and in Euro bonds, denominated in Euros. I also own Russian assets and I have Singapore dollars, and I have some Hong-Kong dollars. But, in general, I don't think that cash will be a very good investment - in the sense that, hey, you have no interest at the present time, you have risks with the banks, because the bank can fail, and you have also a higher risk of wealth expropriation through taxes - in other words, in Europe. So, cash is not the most desirable. 

But, equally, if you buy shares, okay, Russian shares are inexpensive, and in many other emerging economies they are also relatively inexpensive. But, in the United States, the stock market is at a very high valuation, price to earnings, price to sales, and so forth. So, I  don't think that stocks will perform well.